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"This half-history/half-travelogue of Alaska is fascinating, suspenseful, illuminating and hilarious."—John Hodgman


"Adams and his guide wake in [Glacier Bay's] breathtaking setting to a heart-stopping spectacle: two grizzly bears nosing around their tent. After trying to scare them off, the men high-tail it for the kayak. Later, Adams meets a cruise ship pilot who had spotted them on the beach before the ursine invasion. 'I thought, Man, look at that setup!' the pilot tells him. 'Those guys must be having the time of their lives.' He wasn’t wrong."—The New York Times


“Adams wonderfully recounts, and emulates, the 1899 voyage organized by railroad tycoon Edward Harriman to survey the coast of Alaska. Making “every important stop” that the Harriman team did, Adams details the state’s natural beauty, as well as the changes that have taken place since. An eye-opening look at the past and present history of a fascinating region.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Great nonfiction…takes a topic you thought you knew well and makes it new again…[Adams’] storytelling is guaranteed to make you want to get off your beach towel and book passage somewhere in the great wild north."—Outside Magazine

Adams writes with his signature sense of humor, but shows a real sense of respect for the sometimes odd people who populate the Last Frontier.”—Los Angeles Times

[Adams’s] writing illuminates this massive and magical land, and will have you booking your next trip ASAP.”
Fodor's Travel


"Tip of the Iceberg, with its fresh descriptive writing, strong character development and presentation of contemporary Alaska within a historical framework, is a valuable contribution to our state's literature. Long-time Alaskans as well as newcomers and visitors will find much to appreciate here."—Anchorage Daily News

"Retracing a historic 1899 cruise that introduced scientists and writers to the wilds of Alaska, the author logged 3000-plus miles and found countless treasures, both human and wild. An eye-opener."—People Magazine

"Mark Adams is the world's greatest travel writer, and this is easily his best book yet."—Arts and Seizures


“An entertaining and informative trip around Alaska's coastline. Adams returns to the successful narrative strategy he employed in his previous books, melding history and travel writing in a winning combination. The author is a terrific guide and an even better historian [who] populates his story with hilarious tales and revealing encounters with guides, scientists, and a couple frisky brown bears.”—Kirkus Reviews

"[An] informative and entertaining history-cum-travelogue.”—ShelfAwareness

"A fascinating journey through Alaska.”—New York Post

 “With Tip of the Iceberg, Mark Adams gave me, in spades, what I always hope to find in a book: the chance to effortlessly learn something extraordinary. I was constantly laughing, shaking my head in astonishment, and trying to slow down so I wouldn’t finish it too fast. Some of my favorite people show up in this book, from John Muir to John Burroughs, but Adams himself may be the most unforgettable character.”—Candice Millard, author of Hero of the Empire

“Whether you’ve already fallen in love with Alaska, or simply intend to in the future, Tip of the Iceberg was written for you. Mark Adams is an adventurous traveler’s ideal guide to the breathtaking natural history—and colorful human history—of one of America’s most fascinating corners.”
—Susan Casey, author of Voices in the Ocean: A Journey Into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins

“Tip of the Iceberg radiates a warmth we don’t usually associate with up north. Adams finds nuggets of gold everywhere, and spins a story as expansive as Alaska itself.”
—Sam Kean, author of Caesar’s Last Breath

“Tourists will certainly enjoy reading about both the past and the present, and the breezy, self-deprecating tone makes for an obvious vacation diversion.”—Booklist



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